The Ultimate Guide to Garment Fabric Shopping Online in Canada

BlogShopTour_webI think something a lot of us Canadian makers struggle with is online fabric shopping. There always seems to be such a great selection of fabric available online on American or European-based websites, but it never seems worth it to pay high shipping fees or risk hefty duties. Also, isn’t it nice to support Canadian businesses?

Over the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of research on fabric shopping in Canada. There’s actually more out there than you’d think. There are many, many shops that sell quilting fabric, and some of them sell garment fabrics such as rayon, knits, linen, and flannel.

There does exist a similar list on The Finished Garment, (do check it out, as it is more extensive than what I have here – I just found it difficult to remember which shop sells what, and I wanted a list more specific to the types of fabric I find myself looking for), as well as a Pinterest board, but I wanted to provide more of a guide than a list, with a bit more information about individual shops, to help you find what you’re looking for. Also, this list includes primarily apparel fabric stores, as well as a few quilting shops that stock some great apparel-friendly fabrics (which isn’t to say you can’t make great garments out of quilting fabric!).

Do you know some great apparel-fabric websites? Please let me know, and I’d love to add them to the list!

DISCLAIMER: I’d like to note that this list is not sponsored in any way. I simply wish to share these great shops with you, so you don’t have to do the research yourself! I’d also like to point out that I haven’t shopped from all these stores, so I can’t speak for the service/shopping experience for all of them.

My Favourite All-Around Amazing Fabric Shops:

  • Blackbird Fabrics – knits, twills, printed viscose and cotton, etc. This shop is amazingly well curated. When I order from Blackbird, I know that whatever I’m getting will be of amazing quality. They also sells patterns and notions.
  • Mulberry & Macnab – stockists of Atelier Brunette, Nani Iro and Merchant and Mills garment fabrics. A small but lovely selection. There’s always something new and beautiful that I’m tempted to grab.


  • Fine Fabrics Canada –  rayons, garment cottons, bamboo, sewing patterns. This shop carries a nice selection of garment fabrics (including Atelier Brunette and Lady McElroy), as well as printed sewing patterns that can be hard to find elsewhere, such as Sew Over It and Nina Lee patterns.
  • Sitka Fabrics – I originally had Sitka Fabrics in the knits/jerseys category, but I’ve recently learned that they now also sell some really gorgeous wovens! I’ve found beautiful linens and Atelier Brunette fabrics on their new site, and I have to say, I’m impressed with the new selection (especially as someone who doesn’t sew with jersey a whole lot)!
  • Mimi Fabrics – European knits, pointelle knits, french terrys, and some wovens. Mimi Fabrics specializes mostly in knits but they also carry some really lovely woven fabrics (including stretch woven viscose) and tulles. A different selection than I’ve seen anywhere else, but really worth a look!
  • Riverside Textiles – knits, double gauze, tencel twills. Riverside Textiles is a very new shop, but they carry a nice selection of printed jersey knits, tencel twills in a range of weights, and even some silk! Also. ZIPPERS. And thread! I look forward to seeing what else comes to this nice little local shop.
  • Les Tissées – a bit of everything! Bengaline, cotton poplin, denims, viscose and tencel, stretch lace, wools, rib knits, sweatshirt knits, jerseys, polyester crepes and satins. A nice selection of “RTW”-type fabrics I’m not usually able to find online.
  • Core Fabrics – deadstock garment fabrics, denim, thread, hardware, zippers. Core Fabrics is the sister company of Closet Core Patterns (formerly Closet Case Patterns) and they supply a curated collection of beautiful deadstock fabrics, and they provide recommendations for ideal fabrics for their patterns.
  • Baudekin Studio – silks, linens, high-quality cottons, and incredible buttons. I first heard about Baudekin Studio on Love to Sew Podcast on their episode about silk. Not a ton of online shops here have silks so it’s exciting when you find a place that does!
  • Pure Linen Envy – linen, linen, linen! Pure Linen Envy was suggested by a reader, and they seem to have really beautiful quality linens. It looks really great if you’re looking for a specific colour and weight and need a lot to choose from!
  • Two O Nine Fabric – linens, cottons, jerseys. This BC-based shop has very light and airy fabrics and delicate prints, including some Korean-import fabrics.
  • Rives Compagnie – cotton, linen, knits, as well as yarn for knitting/crocheting. This lovely Quebec-based shop has a curated selection of lovely and high-quality fabrics such as Atelier Brunette and Liberty of London. They also sell kits and lovely haberdashery items (such as buttons)! Knitters and crocheters can check out their yarn selection too.
  • The Maker Studio – prints, knits, deadstock. The Maker Studio carries a really nice selection of deadstock fabrics and they always carry some gorgeous printed cottons and rayons. They also carry patterns and extra tools and notions.
  • Earth Indigo – organic cottons, hemp, knits made in natural fibres. Earth Indigo is based out of Markham, ON. I think I may have stumbled onto their website once or twice before, but I never realized how amazing their selection is of natural-fibre fabrics. They have beautiful Japanese import prints (which I’m always a sucker for) that I haven’t seen anywhere else. They also carry a really nice selection of bamboo, linen, and hemp jerseys.
  • Le Comptoir de Pauline – viscose, jerseys, linen, and swimsuit fabric. This shop has a nice curated collection of mostly European fabric brands such as Cousette, Mind the Maker, Lise Tailor, and See You at Six.
  • Cafe Couture Montreal – linen, viscose, prints, jerseys. This shop carries some of my favourite French fabric brands such as Atelier Brunette, Cousette, Eglantine et Zoe, and Lise Tailor. They also carry buttons, zippers, and thread, and printed patterns from French pattern brands such as Maison Fauve.

Brick-and-Mortar Shops with Online Ordering:

  • The Workroom – quilting cottons, lawn, rayon, knits, notions, books. The Workroom is one of my favourite shops to visit in Toronto. The store itself is gorgeous, and they stock a lot of “designer” fabrics (Robert Kaufman, Nani Iro, Cotton + Steel, Liberty of London, etc.). They also sell Bernina machines and accessories, lots of books and magazines (such as Japanese sewing books and Making magazine), tons of indie and vintage patterns, and amazing notions and tools.
  • Needlework Hamilton – quilting cottons, knits, rayon, lawn, etc. Needlework is a great little shop based in – you guessed it – Hamilton, Ontario. They sell a lot of great apparel fabrics such as Robert Kaufman and Nani Iro. I always like to keep an eye on them and see what they get in stock (for example, they just got in tons of colours of raw silk noil!).
  • Fabrications – quilting cottons, rayon, knits, lawn/chambray, etc. Fabrications, based in Ottawa, has a pretty solid stock of apparel fabrics. They stock lots of knits (solid and print), Nani Iro, double gauze, chambray, and more.
  • Threadcount Fabrics – quilting cottons, rayon, canvas, knits, lawn, double gauze, etc. Threadcount was originally online-only, and only just recently opened up a bricks-and-mortar store based in Souris, Manitoba! I am always tempted by the prints sold by Threadcount – lots of Cotton + Steel, Dear Stella, and Art Gallery Fabrics!
  • European Textiles – various apparel fabrics (cotton, knits, lace), quilting cotton, upholstery fabrics. European Textiles is based in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s one of the few online shops I’ve found that sells stuff like satin, silk, lace, etc. If you need something a lil’ fancy, this might be the place to check out!
  • Patch Halifax – quilting cottons, rayons, knits, etc. Patch Halifax has lots of great “designer” fabrics from companies that produce garment fabrics as well as quilting fabrics, such as Cotton + Steel, as well as Nani Iro and various knits.
  • Fabric Spark – quilting cottons, lawn, rayon, knits, yarn-dyed, etc. Fabric Spark is based in east Toronto. They primarily stock quilting cotton, but have a handy little section of garment fabrics that includes Robert Kaufman Essex Linen, Nani Iro, knits, and boiled wool.
  • Five Arrows Fabrics – knits, cottons, linens. Five Arrows is a PEI-based fabric shop, and Natasha is always bringing in new and lovely things.
  • Maiwa – handprinted/dyed cottons and linens. You may already know Maiwa, which is based in Vancouver, BC, for their natural dyestuffs. But they have some incredible vibrant handwoven and block-printed fabrics, as well as white/undyed natural fabrics for dyeing.
  • Spool of Thread – cotton chambray & lawn, rayon & bamboo, knits. Based in Vancouver, Spool of Thread is a sewing studio with a small but lovely stock of fabrics and patterns online. They stock Lady McElroy fabrics, as well as Atelier Brunette, which can be tricky to find in Canada.
  • Darrell Thomas Textiles – cottons, wools, linens. This shop stocks fabric very conventionally used for garments – high quality cotton/silk blends and designer-style prints. Reminds me of an online shopping version of visiting the stores in the fashion district downtown.
  • Rick Rack Textiles –  knits, cottons, rayons, linens. Rick Rack recently opened up an online shop for their brick-and-mortar store in Calgary. They have a really nice and expansive selection, including Liberty of London Tana Lawns and cotton sateens.
  • The Maker Studio – viscose/tencel twills, jersey, french terry. The Maker Studio looks like a relatively new shop that already has some really lovely garment fabrics. I’m definitely gonna keep my eye on them, as they already have some gorgeous stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else!
  • Winnipeg Sews – tencel, linen, denim, jersey. This Winnipeg shop has a small but beautifully-curated stock of garment fabrics, as well as kits and patterns. They also offer a pattern printing service. EDIT: It looks like Winnipeg Sews now focuses on selling pre-owned fabric and promoting “a more circular fabric economy”. They still sell and print patterns though, and their fabric selection is still worth checking out!
  • Former + Latter Fabrics – cotton bottomweights and denims, viscose, cotton lawn, ponte, scuba, and sweat knits. This new shop based in Edmonton currently allows in-person shopping by appointment only, but it working towards a brick & mortar shop. They have high-quality options and carry brands such as Atelier Brunette, Mind the Maker, and Lady McElroy.
  • Fabricana – all sorts of stuff! Denim, suiting, shirting, athletic knits, flannel, and more. I’d heard about Fabricana for a long time but I think only recently they went online. I find their website a little finicky to use but they have a large variety of fabrics, as well as interfacing, patterns, and notions.
  • G & S Dyes – undyed silks, silk and cotton blends, Chinese silk brocades. When I was in school I went to G & S for supplies almost weekly. They stock really high-quality fabrics for dyeing, as well as a fantastic selection of dyes if that’s something you want to try.
  • Dressew – a huge variety of garment fabrics plus cottons and flannelettes. This is one of the few online shops where I’ve been able to find fabrics for fancier occasions such as sequin and lace fabrics. They carry a wide selection of other garments as well!
  • GK Fashion Fabrics – double gauze, linen blends, corduroy, rayons and cottons. This shop based out of North York has a really nice selection and really great prices. I recently visited the brick-and-mortar store, which kind of feels like a warehouse, but was surprisingly well organized! Prices and fabric content were clearly labeled, and fabric was sorted by type. There were all sorts of notions and trims too!
  • Heirloom Bohemia – linens, cottons, prints. Heirloom Bohemia is a BC-based shop that carries a carefully curated selection of fabrics from brands such as Merchant & Mills and Ruby Star Society, as well as other goodies you’d love to have for your sewing room. If you’re in the Kelowna area, they also host workshops!
  • Nelson Stitch Lab – rayon/lyocell, knits, cottons, double gauze, canvas, linen. Nelson Stitch Lab is based in Nelson, BC. They carry some really nice solid-coloured fabrics such as corduroy, cotton, linen, canvas, and lyocell twills. I’m particularly excited about their selection of fabrics from Japanese fabric brand Kokka – this is definitely a shop worth checking out!
  • Piece Fabric Co. – knits, linen, flannel, cottons. Piece Fabric Co. based out of Alberta has a lovely selection of natural-fibre fabrics for your everyday garment needs. They also carry thread, scissors, and a nice variety of patterns.
  • Atelier Espace Fabrik – knits, cottons, lining, tencel, linen. This Montreal-based shop carries a nicely curated selection of garment fabrics as well as a collection of French-language sewing books and magazines. They also carry notions such as snaps, zips, and elastic.

Specializing in Knits/Jerseys:

  • Watertower Textiles – activewear knits, scuba, bamboo, etc. I recently stumbled upon Watertower Textiles when looking for fabric online. They stock tons of knits, including prints and knits great for leggings!
  • Prairie Love Knits – jersey, sweater knits, quilted knits, European knits. Another stumble-upon, Prairie Love Knits has a nice variety of knits, including stretch lace and notions.
  • Simplifi Fabric – organic fabrics; jersey, terry, fleece, athletic knits, thermal knits, wovens. Simplifi is a bit pricey because they stock organic fabrics, but they have a lovely selection and stock knits you might have trouble finding elsewhere.
  • L’Oiseau – sweatshirt knits, bamboo, jersey, wovens. L’Oiseau stocks some great prints that I haven’t seen elsewhere, as well swimsuit knits, bamboo, and merino. They also stock some great wovens, including poplin and eyelet.
  • West Coast Fabric Boutique – jersey, double brushed poly, swim knits. West Coast Fabric Boutique has a lovely selection of knits and jerseys, with lovely prints and sweatshirt knits to choose from!
  • Fringe Fabrics – jersey, sweater knits, quilted knits, ribbing. Fringe Fabrics has an amazing selection of knits – there are some great jacquard knits, legging knits, and cuffing, as well as a huge range of solid basics. I particularly love the Hamburger Liebe brand for something a little different!
  • Non Non Oui – jersey, french terry, ribbing, as well as a selection of woven fabrics. Non Non Oui is based out of Quebec and specializes in OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. They carry a large variety of European-import knits and jerseys.
  • Bibs & Boots Fabrics – tons of European knits and jerseys, organic knits, as well as some woven double gauze. This online-only shop based out of Saskatchewan has a huge selection of knit and jersey fabrics.
  • Brightside Fabric Co. – deadstock, jersey, rib, french terry. Brightside Fabric Co. has some really beautiful solid and printed knit fabrics. They even carry fabric bundles and a few woven fabrics.
  • Shear Perfection Fabrics – french terry, athletic fabrics, sherpa. In addition to carrying a nice variety of knit fabrics, this shop also offers small batch custom fabric printing services. It’s also one of the first places where I’ve seen board short fabric!

“Chain” Stores/Brands:

  • Club Tissus – various garment fabrics (silks, lace, cottons), upholstery fabric, quilting cotton, notions. Club Tissus is only in Quebec, but they ship all over Canada. It’s another one of the few websites that stocks “fancy” fabrics, and they have quite a nice selection and a beautiful website. They also have all the notions and tools that you’ll likely need for your sewing project (like I said, I like a one-stop-shop). My main issue is that they don’t have free shipping deals like most online shops do, and prices are presented with the member discount (the “regular” price is in small), which you have to pay for. Also, only members get to take part in sales.
  • Fabricville (Fabricland) – pretty much everything sewing-related. Just about anyone who lives in a Canadian city knows Fabricville (or Fabricland outside of Quebec). They stock all sorts of fabric, but I’m not a fan of their selection. I often buy notions or tools here, since few other shops sell zippers, thread, etc. Like with Club Tissus, they offer no free shipping deal – in fact, the more you spend, the more your shipping costs.
  • DailyLike – oxford cottons, sheeting, canvas, knits. DailyLike is a Korean lifestyle brand, and is based out of Richmond BC. This is the website to check out if you love cute floral or animal-print cottons. They also have notions, stationery, and washi tape! How can you resist?

Shirting/Suiting Fabric & Menswear:

  • Sultan’s Fine Fabrics – wool, suiting, shirting cottons, linings. Sultan’s is a brick-and-mortar store in North York/Toronto, and he stocks stacks on stacks of high quality fabric. I have yet to find true dressmaking fabrics here, but doesn’t mean it’s not there. I recommend checking out the store in person, as the online selection isn’t anywhere near as impressive.
  • Thread Theory – jerseys, linings, some wovens. You may know Thread Theory for their patterns, but they also sell a small number of fabrics and notions in their online store.

Liberty of London Stockists:

Quilting Shops with Garment-worthy Fabrics:

  • Weave & Woven – quilting cottons, knits, oxford cotton, faux fur. Weave & Woven is based in Dundas, Ontario. I often find myself drooling over their selection of adorable oxford cottons and Nani Iro fabrics. They carry very fun printed knits and some rayons as well.
  • The Fabric Snob – quilting cottons, knits, fleece, flannel. The Fabric Snob has a lovely selection of knits, fleece, and flannel. I can also tell you from experience that Lindsey will package your order very lovingly!
  • Pins and Needles Fabric – quilting cottons, knits, corduroy, double gauze, rayon. Pins and Needles has a nice selection of prints (including Art Gallery Fabrics and Cotton + Steel), as well as notions such as Aurifil thread, ribbon, and print bias binding. They also sell patterns and adorable doll clothing kits!
  • The Cloth Castle – Quilting cottons, denim, flannel, knits, sherpa. While this BC-based shop has loads of quilting cottons, they also have a great variety of garment fabrics, especially for activewear.
  • Make1 Guelph – quilting cottons, linen, knits. Make1 will appeal to every side of crafter in you, as they carry fabric suitable for quilting and garment sewing, as well as beautiful indie-dyed yarn.

Notions & Tools:

  • Sussman’s Supply Co. – zippers, ribbons, gemstones, feathers, etc. Based in Hamilton, Sussman’s is the place to find any trims and notions you’re missing. I happen to love them for their selection of invisible zippers, which can be hard to find online elsewhere.
  • Bra-makers Supply – pretty much speaks for itself! Based in Hamilton, this is the place to stock up for your bra- or corset-making endeavors.
  • Farthingale’s Corset Making Supplies – again, speaks for itself. They also carry millinery supplies, hoop steel, and tutu making supplies!
  • Leather and Sewing Supply – the famous notions and supply shop in downtown Toronto has an online presence! I like to shop them in person because there is just so much to choose from, but if that’s not an option for you, give their online shop a go.

Used/Vintage Fabric:

  • Ian Drummond Stash – assorted vintage/rare fabrics. Ian Drummond has a vintage clothing shop, but he also collects and sells an amazing selection of vintage fabrics. I love to follow his Etsy shop and see any new finds that have been added. Also, if you’re based in Toronto, you can choose local pick-up and save on shipping!
  • The Old White Cupboard – vintage fabrics, linens, and trims. A lovely selection of vintage fabrics, mostly cottons, but you can find some quilts and linens as well.
  • Lush Vintage – an Etsy shop with a really nice selection of vintage fabrics, based in BC! Really well priced and some really beautiful finds.
  • Antiquaire Supply – another fabulous Etsy shop stocking some really beautiful vintage yardage and sewing patterns.
  • Fabrique Fantastique – this Etsy shop is based out of Toronto, and Jan seems to have an endless collection of fabrics. Just when I think she’s cleared everything out, something new pops up. Definitely check her out – you don’t want to miss her large selection of vintage yardage and quilts!

Deadstock/Repurposed Fabric:

  • Our Social Fabric – a non-profit fabric store that works to keep textiles out of the landfills. They sell all sorts of fabrics as well as patterns and notions.
  • FABCYCLE – another great shop/service working to divert fabric waste. They have loads of deadstock fabrics – some available as yardage, some available as bundles, as well as patterns and some notions.

Custom Fabric Printing:

  • Art Fabrics – cotton, silk, hemp, and polyester. I haven’t tried custom fabric printing with Art Fabrics, but their website looks really nice and I’d love to give them a try next time I want to print a custom design. Unlike Spoonflower there’s no marketplace of other designers’ work to choose from, so this is an option if you already have your own design that needs to be printed.