About Me

Hi! I’m Rebecca.

I’m a sorta-recent graduate of the textiles program at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. I have an obsession with – you guessed it! – textiles (my eyes even light up when I see the word).

It all began when I was 8 years old, with a light blue flounce skirt that my mom mostly sewed for me on her 1970s Singer machine (I did enough of the work to brag that I made it). Around that time I also learned to knit, and churned out innumerable dishcloths and funky-novelty-yarn scarves.

As I entered my adult years, my fabric and yarn tastes became somewhat more refined -ahem-, and I began to notice a decline in quality in ready-to-wear clothing. After growing frustrated with the textile waste being caused by near-disposable fast fashion, I dedicated myself to creating a handmade wardrobe – where control the quality and fit. My goal is to create a wardrobe worth cherishing.

I love vintage patterns and floral prints, but I use a lot of Indie patterns as well and am trying to get more solid basics into my wardrobe. I think I sew more dresses than I actually wear.

I live in Toronto with my literal breadwinning husband (he bakes bread like a champ) and Rupert, our mischievous little guide-dog-in-training. When I’m not sewing or knitting, I’m probably baking or gazing wistfully at fabric online.

Have questions? Drop me a line, and I’d love to say hi!